Melaleuca’s mission is “to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.℠” We fulfill this mission not only by offering superior wellness products but also by reaching out into the community and enhancing lives through charity. Melaleuca is engaged in philanthropy of all kinds, and we’re doing so in our home state of Idaho, all across the United States, and around the world. And much of this outreach is done through the Melaleuca Foundation, the charitable arm of Melaleuca, Inc.

Melaleuca’s Widespread Outreach

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The Melaleuca Foundation was born from the ashes of September 11, 2001. The foundation raised more than $800,000 for families and individuals who were in financial need as a result of the terrorist attacks on that day. Since that pivotal moment in American history, the Melaleuca Foundation has been helping the needy and the downtrodden.

Melaleuca’s Widespread Outreach

The Melaleuca Foundation was born from the ashes of September 11, 2001. The foundation raised more than $800,000 for families and individuals who were in financial need as a result of the terrorist attacks on that day. Since that pivotal moment in American history, the Melaleuca Foundation has been helping the needy and the downtrodden.

The foundation has raised millions of dollars, it has donated millions of Melaleuca products, and it has collected and donated thousands of tons of food and supplies—all to help people who are suffering and in need, wherever they may be.

The impact of our charity has been felt all over the world, especially in the last three years. We have been living our mission of enhancing lives in Poland, Germany, and Ukraine; in China, Taiwan, and the Philippines; in Africa; and throughout Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and many US states.


We enhance lives and help people reach their goals because that is who we are. Each award or recognition we receive is not so much a representation of what we have done but of the lives that have been changed or repaired.

Here are just a handful of these recognitions that we are especially honored by because of the positive and life-changing impact that they symbolize:

The Others Award

In 2007, The Salvation Army presented their prestigious Others Award to Melaleuca. This is the nonprofit’s highest national civic award, and it was given to Melaleuca following our quick response to the horrific devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

A fund was announced for Melaleuca Marketing Executives, customers, and Team Members to donate to, with the Melaleuca Foundation matching the donations. More than $1 million was collected, and the funds were divided between The Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and food and supplies.

In the spirit of genuine goodwill, Frank VanderSloot and his wife Belinda even took in a family affected by Hurricane Katrina until they could return home to a suitable residence. The family loved living in Idaho with the VanderSloots and stayed with them for two years!

The Others Award holds a special place in our hearts at Melaleuca. It dates back to William Booth, cofounder and first general of The Salvation Army. When Booth desired to encourage the organization’s officers around the world, he sent a telegram that simply read “Others.” The Salvation Army honors those who exemplify “a spirit of service to others,” and Melaleuca is grateful to be recognized by this distinction.

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American Red Cross Corporate Partner of the Year

The American Red Cross of Idaho named Melaleuca its Corporate Partner of the Year in 2019. Melaleuca was deeply honored by this award because it has enjoyed a longtime relationship with the American Red Cross of Idaho.

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REDI Award

In 2022, the Regional Economic Development for Eastern Idaho (REDI) recognized Melaleuca Executive Chairman Frank VanderSloot with the Outstanding Innovator & Builder of Dynamic Economic Ecosystems Award. With this award, REDI sought to honor Frank for his commitment to and cultivation of eastern Idaho.

Not many know this, but Frank saved the dairy industry in eastern Idaho. In 1996, Kraft announced that it would be closing a factory in Blackfoot. The closure would have devastated more than 100 family-owned dairies. In a desperate and courageous move, two dairymen approached Frank to ask him for funds to invest in and rebuild the factory.

Even though they were strangers, Frank gave them the funds and eventually purchased the factory when the need arose. He significantly invested in the factory for many years before selling it to Glanbia Foods, which has successfully managed the factory ever since.

Scott Reese, the mayor of Blackfoot when the factory was in danger of failing, presented the award to Frank as REDI’s board chairman. He saw firsthand the tremendous impact Frank had on the industry and, more importantly, on the lives of hundreds of families. “I credit Frank for saving an entire industry,” he said.

For this and many other generous acts that have benefited the economy of eastern Idaho, REDI recognized Frank with this unique honor.

Bonneville County Heritage Association

Hometown Hero Award

In 2022, Frank was privileged to receive a very special award, something close to home and near and dear to his heart. Frank received this honor during the annual Idaho Day Celebration held by the Bonneville County Heritage Association. The award was presented to Frank at the Museum of Idaho, and the positive economic impact Melaleuca and Frank have made was highlighted.

Frank grew up in a rural town in northern Idaho. With this father working on the railroad during the week, Frank had to take charge of the farm while still a young boy. Through these humbling circumstances, Frank learned the value of hard and consistent work, the power of determination, and even a love of nature.

While not a grandiose distinction, the Hometown Hero Award is a sincere reminder that charity starts within the heart of our own community.

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John and Abigail Adams Award

“It was my object to make Americans hold up their heads, and look down upon any nation that refused to do them justice.”—John Adams

In 2020, Frank and Belinda VanderSloot were honored with the John and Abigail Adams Award. The award was presented by Dr. David Adler of the Alturas Institute to honor the VanderSloots for creating a consumer protection fund that defends Idahoans from excessive attorney fees in medical debt collection cases. The VanderSloots have contributed $1 million to the fund to represent more than 200 individuals battling medical debt collection that came through unscrupulous tactics.

Our Partners

Melaleuca and the Melaleuca Foundation come to the rescue after natural disasters, support nonprofit humanitarian organizations, including the Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and United Way, and support educational endeavors for youth.

The foundation has supported many other NGOs, including Therapies for Hope, the African American Alliance, the National Federation of the Blind, Chef Hui, and Caritas.

Recent Activities of the Melaleuca Foundation

Here are some of the more recent efforts by Melaleuca, its Team Members, and the Melaleuca Foundation:

The wildfire that devastated the historic town of Lahaina, Maui, was the deadliest US wildfire in more than a century. After quickly assessing the options, Melaleuca and Frank VanderSloot donated more than $135,000 in food, cash, and various relief supplies. Through his own beef-manufacturing plants in Hawaii, Frank also donated thousands of pounds of beef, which helped to sustain the community for two months.

Hurricane Otis was a horrific disaster that shocked everyone—including the weather forecasters, who didn’t see it coming. What was at first a Category 1 hurricane grew into a monstrous Category 5 within a mere 24 hours. The storm ripped through the beautiful oceanside city of Acapulco, Mexico, causing enormous devastation.

Melaleuca immediately began determining what it could do to help the victims. A list of products was quickly compiled, and $36,000 of Melaleuca products was delivered, including tooth polish, baby wipes, and snack bars. The products were taken from Melaleuca’s Mexico warehouse and distributed by the Mexican Red Cross.

In the fall of 2023, Melaleuca created and paid for four separate campaigns for the Community Food Bank, a local nonprofit within the Idaho Falls community. The food bank helps feed an average of 1,500 families each month and serves more than 20 other nonprofits across eastern Idaho.

The four campaigns were so successful that the Community Food Bank needed a lot of extra help to sort the 75,000 pounds of food items that community members generously donated. Melaleuca Team Members volunteered on four separate days to sort and organize thousands of pounds of food, ensuring that it would be delivered to needy families weeks sooner.

Each year, St. Vincent de Paul in Idaho Falls puts on the Christmas Basket Project, a spirited event of giving in which qualifying families can receive food, clothing, and various gifts, including bicycles. But in 2023, this 40-year tradition was almost cancelled! A large space is needed to make the project work, but this year the volunteers just couldn’t find a space. Their desperate attempts yielded no results, and they feared that they would have to cancel the event unless a Christmas miracle happened.

The day before they planned to call off the event, Melaleuca CEO Jerry Felton agreed to let the volunteers use a 28,000-square-foot warehouse. The project was saved! And the hundreds of families and their children were able to receive food, clothing, and Christmas gifts.

But there is a big difference between simply looking good and being good. At Melaleuca, we aren’t enhancing lives just to get mentioned in headlines. Much of what we do is never known by anyone other than the people we are helping.

Notably, since 2007, the Melaleuca Foundation has been the sole financial supporter of the Santa Lucia Children’s Home, an orphanage in Ecuador. This is a unique orphanage in which children live in safe, loving family units where they can form healthy relationships and feel needed.

Santa Lucia has helped dozens of children recover from abuse and neglect and find loving and nurturing forever homes. And this great blessing for these children is made possible through the generous contributions of Melaleuca Members and Marketing Executives.