Jerry Felton

Melaleuca Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Felton has served as Melaleuca’s chief executive officer since 2022. As CEO, Jerry oversees the company’s sales and operations in the 20 countries and territories where Melaleuca operates.

Before becoming CEO, Jerry did an outstanding job as President of Melaleuca International for four years and Senior Vice President of International for 10 years. Jerry led Melaleuca’s global expansion throughout Europe and Asia and helped to triple the company’s international revenues. When he joined Melaleuca in March 2009, Jerry spent three years as the company’s Senior Vice President of Sales.

Before joining the Melaleuca family, Jerry was an executive at UPS for 17 years. UPS is the largest shipping company in the world, and Jerry worked hard to rise to the position of Vice President of Global Account Sales in that company.

Jerry received an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and he received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He is also fluent in Mandarin Chinese, which has been advantageous during his international travels.

When he was announced as the new Melaleuca CEO, Jerry said, “I will carry forward the principles, values, and traditions that Frank has established over the past 37 years. Sure, I’ll bring my experience and perspectives to the role, but I won’t forget the principles that brought us here. I’m committed to carrying forward the legacy that Frank and all of our Marketing Executives and customers have created.

“Our success can be attributed to foundational principles, solid leadership, and a culture that delivers on our noble mission of enhancing lives. Our business model is more relevant and more sustainable than it has ever been. Our future is very bright, and we should all be proud of what we’ve built under Frank’s leadership.”