Melaleuca partners with countless individuals across numerous organizations to make the world a better place. These organizations include nonprofits, like The Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, St. Vincent de Paul, Caritas, and United Way. This page features personal statements from leaders who have served alongside Melaleuca, the Melaleuca Foundation, Frank VanderSloot, our management team, or Marketing Executives. Their personal observations describe the societal impact that our collective efforts have made.

The American Red Cross of Greater Idaho recognized Melaleuca’s charitable giving on a Facebook post on April 13, 2023. Here is their post:

“THANKFUL THURSDAY: We would like to recognize our partners at Melaleuca for lending a hand after a series of recent disasters including Hurricane Ian in Florida, severe California flooding, and the devastating tornadoes throughout the Midwest and South. Melaleuca stepped up by donating pallets of snack bars that Red Cross is distributing in impacted communities.

“‘It’s partners like Melaleuca that allow us to respond quickly with the right resources when they’re needed most,’ said Sirak Irwin, the CEO of the Red Cross of Idaho, Montana and East Oregon. ‘Again and again, Melaleuca stands beside the Red Cross of Idaho during times of disaster. They have made a difference in countless lives, and we truly appreciate their support.’”

“Melaleuca is a great example of a military-friendly company that takes care of its soldiers,” said George Hames, a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer who served as Idaho’s ESGR public affairs director. “Its leadership team has created a culture that encourages military service, values soldiers for their courageous work and supports them all the way through. They appreciate the sacrifices made in defense of our country, and they offer remarkable benefits when those soldiers are called for active duty service.”

“In my 30 years of law enforcement, I’ve never seen a company or business owner step forward with such a significant donation in support of the men and women who bravely serve this community,” said Bonneville County Sheriff Samuel Hulse. “Melaleuca’s remarkable contribution not only shows strong support for the entire law enforcement family, but it also gives our hard-working deputies every advantage they need to protect the public.”

“I have heard about the Melaleuca Foundation being there for people in times of need, but to watch it firsthand was an incredible experience,” said Melaleuca National Director Chelsie Gilbert. “It was amazing to witness the heart of the Melaleuca Foundation and see their motivation was simply to help people. Not because they wanted recognition, but because they cared. In lightning time, boxes and boxes and boxes of supplies arrived to be donated. I couldn’t stop crying hearing of how appreciative the people were and how much of a difference the products made to them.”

“In the midst of turmoil, Melaleuca came to our rescue by delivering food and grooming products for those staying in our emergency shelters,” said Paul McDonald, who led a shelter in Maui, housing hundreds of people. “Both the speed and quality of Melaleuca’s donation were a breath of fresh air, offering hope and a reminder that we’re not alone. We appreciate their compassion to our crisis.”

“Valiant men and women are working around the clock to fight this fire, and they’re absolutely exhausted,” said Melaleuca Executive Director 3 Melinda Lough. “These Colorado firefighters need all the support they can get, and these donated Melaleuca products will go a long way in helping them perform an extremely dangerous task.”

“Melaleuca was nominated for the Patriot Award for being highly supportive of their Army Guardsmen, including SPC Nathan Johnson,” Idaho ESGR Chair Emeritus Scott Reese said. “Supportive employers like Melaleuca are critical to maintaining the strength and readiness of the nation’s National Guard and Reserve units.”

“I’ve never seen a deluge like this,” said Melaleuca National Director 3 Jen Sebbas. “The damage is beyond belief. Melaleuca’s timely delivery of relief supplies has been an absolute lifesaver for these Michigan communities, and these products made a huge difference in the cleanup process. I’m so proud to be a part of an organization that truly cares about people in need.”

“We are grateful to Frank and Melaleuca for recognizing our need and for graciously offering space to help alleviate some of those needs while more permanent options are pursued,” said Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson when presenting the Community Partner Award to Melaleuca on Oct. 10, 2019.

“Melaleuca is a wonderful example of a company that cares about humanity and helping those in need,” said Nicole Sirak Irwin, regional CEO of the Red Cross of Greater Idaho and Montana. “They have repeatedly come to the rescue during times of disaster and have made a difference in countless lives. We’re grateful for Melaleuca’s support in helping the American Red Cross accomplish our mission of preventing human suffering in the face of disaster.”

“Melaleuca has provided an outstanding example of community service,” said Clarke Farrer, Scout executive of the BSA’s Grand Teton Council. “Their sponsorship has allowed Scouting for Food to make a difference in many lives. Not only does it fill food pantries throughout the area, but it also provides valuable life lessons such as helping people at all times and giving back to others.”

“Melaleuca is committed to supporting women in the workplace,” said Dr. David Adler, President of the Alturas Institute. “We look forward to seeing Melaleuca’s continued efforts in helping working women achieve their professional goals.”

“We are grateful for the kindness and generosity of Melaleuca employees” said Kia Shaw, Eastern Branch Manager for The Idaho Foodbank. “This donation from employees and the Melaleuca Foundation will make a significant impact in the lives of Idahoans who are facing food insecurity.”

“Frank and his company showed the world the caliber of the people and businesses we have in the state of Idaho,” said Idaho Lt. Governor Jim Risch at The Salvation Army’s awards presentation to Melaleuca. “Melaleuca saw their own kin in the eyes of Hurricane Katrina’s victims, and … opened its pocketbook, opened its heart and saved lives. They were heroes.”

“We’ve been sending out aid from this facility for a long time,” said Teri Williams, Melaleuca’s Vice President of East Coast Operations. “So for our employees, emergency response is just part of the job description. It’s a humbling experience to place one of our products in a box knowing that the person it goes to is suffering through one of the worst experiences of their life. If a Simply Fit Bar feeds a hungry child or an Attain Bar gives someone the energy they need to keep going, then we’ve made a difference.”

“We’ve never had such a large volunteer group in our city’s history,” said Renee Buchan, volunteer coordinator at the City of Idaho Falls. “Our community is appreciative of the Melaleuca organization and their willingness to undertake this large-scale service project. The enthusiasm of their volunteers was electric.”

“We cannot thank Frank enough for his heartfelt contributions, many made in private, across our region,” said Teresa McKnight, CEO of REDI, when presenting an award to him. “Frank is a great role model, true innovator, and builder of ecosystems — systems that make the Eastern Idaho region a great place to live and work.”

“Melaleuca’s generous donation ends our capital campaign to raise the funds needed to pay off the mortgage of our food storage warehouse, and we couldn’t be more thrilled,” says Ariel Jackson, Executive Director of Community Food Basket Idaho Falls. “After 42 years, our food donations now have a permanent home, and this has been made possible by generous partners such as Melaleuca and its employees.”

“This new vehicle, which was partially donated by Melaleuca, will deliver the supplies and comfort families need at a time when they are most vulnerable,” said American Red Cross Disaster Program Manager Scott Davis. “It has features like WiFi, large feeder windows and external lighting that will help our teams better serve their communities during difficult times.” As a result of the donation, Melaleuca was the only company to have its logo branded on this American Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle.

“These food drives were record-setters and couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Ariel Jackson, Executive Director of the Community Food Basket. “It’s because of the innovative way that Melaleuca contributed by creating wide-spread attention that these food drives were successful. We’re fortunate to have a partner like Melaleuca who amplified this message so people knew about the need and responded so quickly.”

“The Idaho Technology Council applauds Melaleuca’s program to teach computer science and coding to Idaho high school students, inspiring them to enhance their technology skills,” said Jay Larsen, ITC President and CEO. “This is an innovative way for students to receive STEM education and prepare them for the opportunities of the future.”

“Frank VanderSloot is not only an ICON of Idaho business but an ICON of all that makes Idaho great,” said Chip Schwarze, President/CEO of the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce. “His business success has allowed him to achieve even greater success as he gives back to our community and communities across the globe.”

“Melaleuca and Frank VanderSloot have always been great supporters of 4-H for many years,” said Bonneville County Commissioner Bryon Reed, who was involved in the planning and execution of construction of the Melaleuca Events Center for the community. “We sincerely appreciate this $275,000 donation, which will help us build a new event center for our region’s youth.”

“Those who choose to follow Mr. VanderSloot’s example will not only find themselves successful in business but will also find ways to give back to those who have helped them along the way,” Idaho economist Will Jenson said. “His actions show that he truly appreciates his employees and the communities they call home. I think he exemplifies the definition of icon and is deserving of the ICON award.”

“Frank epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit,” said Idaho State University President Arthur Vailas, “and I’m pleased that he could share a few words of wisdom with our business students.”

“Frank VanderSloot exemplifies the 12 points of the Scout law,” Grand Teton Council CEO Clarke Farrer said. “He is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. In our experience with Frank, he exemplifies all of those virtues, values and principles that Boy Scouts live by.”

It’s clear that Frank’s commitment to enhancing lives has never wavered,” said Rosemarie Doxie, Bonneville County Heritage Association vice chair. “By honoring Frank as a Hometown Hero and recording his charitable impact, we showcase our rich history as a community full of generous citizens who are passionate about preserving our place in America. We are proud to call him a Hometown Hero.”

“We are so thankful for the Melaleuca Foundation’s contribution to the community and specifically to the Salvation Army,” said Captain John Birks, administrator of the Idaho Falls Salvation Army. “I can’t emphasize how grateful I am to have a charitable partner in Melaleuca that provides help when there is great need. Melaleuca is a complete blessing, not only to the Salvation Army but to the greater community.”