Melaleuca Products

Melaleuca Products

Melaleuca: The Wellness Company was founded in 1985 with a modest assortment of eight products, all based on the natural abilities of Melaleuca alternifolia oil, also known as tea tree oil. Over the last nearly four decades, that portfolio has grown to include over 400 health and wellness products, including supplements with super absorption, eco-friendly cleaning products, personal care products, nontoxic cosmetics, and globally sourced essential oils.

In the United States, Melaleuca is one of the youngest billion-dollar entrants in the household goods industry; nearly all of Melaleuca’s main competitors were founded over 100 years ago. And compared to those companies, Melaleuca is still quite small.

In 2011, Melaleuca reached $1 billion in annual revenue, and since 2017, Melaleuca has generated $2 billion in revenue each year. And Melaleuca is still a privately held company. It accomplished this success without selling out or being bought out—despite many offers! According to Melaleuca founder and Executive Chairman Frank VanderSloot, the key to Melaleuca’s success has been the development of superior health products—not lining the pockets of shareholders. When it comes to health and wellness, consumers don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Melaleuca focuses on increasing product effectiveness and using only the highest-quality ingredients—ingredients that most competitors won’t consider because they don’t produce high enough profit margins. Because of this dedication, Melaleuca has a loyal and ever-growing customer base.

Melaleuca has an astonishing monthly reorder rate of 96%! That means that 96% of Melaleuca customers keep ordering their household products month after month. Why do they do that? They reorder month after month because they love Melaleuca products—they know that Melaleuca products work and are superior to grocery store brands. Melaleuca doesn’t advertise and instead relies solely on customer referrals to grow the company. The money that would normally go to advertising instead goes toward making amazing products that are worth sharing!

Melaleuca sets itself apart from competitors through its innovative products and its rigorous product philosophy that guides the design, development, and manufacturing of those products. Melaleuca is rooted in its mission to enhance lives, which means that the company prioritizes quality, value, and safety, resulting in products that are healthier and more sustainable than national brands found in grocery stores.

What are the best-selling Melaleuca products?

You may be wondering about Melaleuca’s very best products, the products that contribute to Melaleuca’s 96% retention rate. Melaleuca has many amazing products, and some of the most popular products are referred to by the company as jaw-droppers. Melaleuca has jaw-dropper products across most of its product categories. Some of these products include the Peak Performance Nutrition Pack, Renew® Lotion, MelaPower® Laundry Detergent, and The Gold Bar®.

Let’s take a look at these products that have a passionate following!

Peak Performance Nutrition Pack

The Peak Performance Nutrition Pack is by far the most popular and most rigorously tested Melaleuca product. The Peak Performance Pack delivers essential supplementation through what Melaleuca calls the Core 6. These six clinically proven Melaleuca supplements provide the foundational nutrition the body needs each day and reduce damage from free radicals. Each Peak Performance Pack contains a whole month’s worth of nutrition—30 AM packets and 30 PM packets—and comes in three formulas for men, women, and those over 50 years of age.

Minerals in Melaleuca supplements have superior absorption thanks to a patented Melaleuca technology called Oligo®. Oligo came about when Melaleuca scientists discovered a process for replicating how plants store minerals, allowing for superior human consumption and absorption. Oligo technology ensures that minerals are soluble and easily absorbable by binding them to proteins and fibers, which is how minerals are found in fruits and vegetables

Utilizing Oligo technology, the Peak Performance Pack combines daily supplements that provide essential vitamins and nutrients and reduce free radical damage, helping Melaleuca customers stay younger for longer. The Peak Performance Pack also comes in five specialty packs with additional supplements for heart health, brain health, metabolic health, bone and joint health, and total health. The Peak Performance Total Health Pack contains the power of 13 supplements in each packet!

Renew Lotion

Renew Lotion was created when Melaleuca scientists perfected the optimal ratios of effective ingredients to create a light and nongreasy formula that provides immediate relief from severely dry skin. Renew Lotion keeps skin moisturized even days after being applied. In clinical trials measuring skin-moisturizing ability, Renew outperformed the dermatologist-recommended brand, Eucerin. Renew is like no other dry skin therapy and is made to give even severely dry skin everything it needs to stay moisturized and heal itself!

melaleuca renew line

MelaPower Laundry Detergent

EcoSense is Melaleuca’s brand of cleaning products and features home cleaning and laundry products. EcoSense products are eco-friendly and affordable solutions that don’t compromise on effective cleaning power. EcoSense laundry products harness the power of enzymes and deliver outstanding results while keeping your home and the environment safe.

Melaleuca leads the market in concentrated products. By using highly concentrated products, Melaleuca uses less virgin plastic, reduces carbon emissions, and saves fuel and water.

MelaPower Laundry Detergent features powerful, biodegradable ingredients that work immediately on dirt and stains, loosening the soil from fabric and pulling it out into the wash water. MelaPower boasts a triple enzyme formula that removes stubborn stains with precision—compared to abrasive brute force from other brands, which can damage clothes—all while preventing graying and dinginess to keep clothes looking new for longer. MelaPower’s formula works on tough stains like grass, mud, chocolate, and even blood, and it works in cold water, saving energy and CO2 emissions. Once you experience the power of MelaPower, you’ll never settle for any other laundry detergent!

melaleuca gold bar

The Gold Bar

Unfortunately, Melaleuca does not sell solid gold bars. But The Gold Bar is a luxury glycerin bath bar like no other! The Gold Bar is crafted with naturally derived aloe vera and glycerin and is triple French-milled, a process that presses out as much excess air as possible. The result is an exceptionally dense bar, like gold, that lasts nine times longer than the competition. It may not be actual gold, but it will get you clean!

Melaleuca and Its Competitors

Melaleuca is a consumer packaged goods company, so naturally its competitors are other consumer goods or household goods companies. These include Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, and Clorox, to just name a few. Consumer packaged goods (sometimes abbreviated as CPG) are products that are used regularly, like food and drink, cleaning and beauty products, hygiene products, and over-the-counter medications. Put simply, they are consumable household products, and many of them need to be replenished monthly.

So how does Melaleuca stand out among these and many other consumer goods companies? What makes Melaleuca different? The 96% reorder rate is one way that makes Melaleuca stand out—96% is much higher than the standard retention rate in the CPG industry. But that reorder rate, and nearly every other way in which Melaleuca stand out, comes down to Melaleuca’s superior health and wellness products.

As stated previously, Melaleuca doesn’t advertise. Instead, it relies on its customers to refer people to the company. This means that Melaleuca products have to be the best; otherwise, they wouldn’t be worth sharing.

You’ve already read about some of Melaleuca’s jaw-dropper products, but how does Melaleuca create these great wellness products? Melaleuca’s product development and manufacturing are guided by seven considerations, sometimes called Melaleuca’s product philosophy. Adhering strictly to this product philosophy ensures that Melaleuca products outperform the competition.

The Melaleuca Product Philosophy

First, products must align with Melaleuca’s mission statement, which is to “enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people to reach their goals.”

Second, products must be clearly distinguishable from grocery store brands. Products should stand out and be the result of both science and nature.

Third, at times, a product cannot be distinguished from the competition—such is the case with medications, which have government-regulated formulas. In these cases, Melaleuca still seeks to provide a product at a better price.

Fourth, although American products with higher-quality ingredients typically cost more, Melaleuca strives to keep its products reasonably and competitively priced. Melaleuca believes that everyone deserves to have access to wellness.

Fifth, products must be the result of sustained demand, not trends or unverified claims. Melaleuca scientists ensure products can deliver promised results.

Sixth, Melaleuca patents products and safeguards trade secrets to ensure that research investments are protected. This also ensures that the company’s products are exclusive to Melaleuca.

Seventh, Melaleuca does all it can to maintain control over its supply chain and production processes through vertical integration, developing formulations and packaging in-house whenever possible. Sometimes external suppliers may be needed for certain ingredients, but Melaleuca seeks to own as much of the process as possible.