Post Register: Best Local Event – Reader’s Choice Award

Melaleuca’s July 4th Fireworks Show Voted Best Event in Newspaper’s Readers’ Choice Awards

The 28th Annual Melaleuca Freedom Celebration is the winner of the “Best Annual Event” in the Post Register Readers’ Choice: Best of 2021 Awards. With winners nominated and selected by thousands of Post Register newspaper readers, this is the third time that Melaleuca has earned the honor.

As the largest Independence Day fireworks show west of the Mississippi, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration has been dazzling audiences for 28 years with heart-pounding, ground-shaking, patriotic pyrotechnics. Called a “must-see Independence Day fireworks display” by the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA), which is the leading fireworks industry group, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration pays tribute to America’s Founding Fathers, veterans, service members, and their families.

“Although the 28th Annual Melaleuca Freedom Celebration may be off the beaten path in Idaho Falls, Idaho, it’s worth the effort to behold this remarkable, competition-caliber fireworks show,” APA executive director Julie Heckman said. “This is one of the nation’s largest fireworks displays, and it’s appeared twice on the APA’s list of ‘must-see Independence Day fireworks displays.’ It is held along the banks of the Snake River in an outdoor venue exclusively designed to host a world-class fireworks show, and it may be the only city in America that has made such a large investment in the overall fireworks experience for spectators.”

“The 2021 show will launch more than 18,175 ultra-premium shells, uniquely showcasing the majority of the fireworks and special effects being made in the U.S.A., which is extraordinary in the pyrotechnics industry,” Heckman added. “This American-made product is sure to delight spectators with American ingenuity, vibrant colors, and custom-made special effects that have never been seen anywhere in the world. Sponsored by Melaleuca and produced by the fifth-generation pyrotechnicians at Western Display Fireworks, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration is a must-see Independence Day show for every fireworks aficionado!”

According to police estimates, the 2021 Melaleuca Freedom Celebration brought more than 200,000 spectators to the area for this 31-minute Independence Day fireworks display.