US Chamber of Commerce: Blue Chip Award

US Chamber of Commerce Names Melaleuca As Blue Chip Enterprise

Melaleuca, Inc., has been chosen by the US Chamber of Commerce to receive the prestigious Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative Award. In determining the recipients of this award, over 100 judges from across the nation reviewed thousands of pages of documentation on hundreds of companies that had been nominated for the award. Out of the tens of thousands of small businesses in America, 200 were chosen to receive the award in 1991.

Melaleuca, Inc. was singled out because of its management’s ability to meet tremendous challenges and overcome adversity. CEO Frank VanderSloot was presented the award at a special recognition ceremony in Salt Lake City on May 25, 1991. Frank has overseen the company since its beginning almost six years ago, and has guided it through literally hundreds of obstacles.

The Blue Chip Initiative is sponsored by Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company and administered by the US Chamber of Commerce. According to Timothy Mallard, Director of the Initiative, “Given their ability to manage resources to overcome adversities, the companies named as this year’s Blue Chip Enterprises offer great hope. Their leaders are examples of competent, resilient management.”