Alturas Institute: Susan B. Anthony Award


Jamie Reynolds receiving award

Melaleuca Honored by Susan B. Anthony Award for Commitment to Women

Melaleuca has been recognized as the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Susan B. Anthony Award by the Alturas Institute for its commitment to providing an optimal working environment for women in the workplace. This award, named after the iconic women’s rights advocate, is presented to an Idaho-based organization that demonstrates a strong dedication to advancing women’s careers and displays best practices through its programs and policies.

At the event, Dr. David Adler, president of the Alturas Institute, praised Melaleuca for its efforts in supporting women and promoting their professional and personal growth, and he encouraged other companies to emulate those efforts and go the extra mile in their own work environments.

Melaleuca was recognized for its support of working mothers, as evidenced by the company’s provision of mothers lounges and designated parking spots for expectant mothers. Melaleuca’s employee benefits, such as their concierge service, Frank’s Errands, and flexible part-time schedules, further aid working mothers in their pursuit of both professional and familial success.

Melaleuca doesn’t engage in traditional advertising, instead allowing customers to do the advertising. Customers can receive compensation on the purchases of those they refer. Most of these referrers, called Marketing Executives, are women and mothers. Through Melaleuca, these amazing women have dug their families out of debt, paid for their children’s schooling, paid off mortgages and have achieved entrepreneurial success.

Melaleuca is also one of the top creators of female entrepreneurs in the United States. Since its founding, Melaleuca has paid out more than $7 billion to families and individuals for referring others to become regular shoppers with Melaleuca.

Many of them have become exceptional business leaders in their teams and exemplars to all Melaleuca Marketing Executives. And many of these women speak at conferences, lead workshops and share their success stories with both men and women who are also seeking to become leaders. There is no way to truly quantify the enormous and uplifting impact Melaleuca has had on these women and their families — and the impact these women have had on Melaleuca!

“Melaleuca is committed to supporting women in the workplace,” said Dr. David Adler, President of the Alturas Institute. “We look forward to seeing Melaleuca’s continued efforts in helping working women achieve their professional goals.”